Wetsuits for Hire or Purchase








All purchases of wetsuits qualify you for a FREE event entry (to the value of $40).

We are happy to be able to offer an additional service, the purchase or hire of wetsuits.  Your options are stepped out during the online entry process.  Alternatively you can enquire, hire or purchase directly from here.

You don't have to have a wetsuit, but it sure does make things a lot more fun.

Why use a wetsuit?

A wetsuit does three big things for you:

1. It keeps you warm in the water

2. It adds to your buoyancy.  This allows you to adopt an efficient swimming position so allows you to swim faster and expend less energy

3. It gives added confidence in the open water, especially for less experienced swimmers

What to look for

Wetsuit choice can, for the uninitiated, be an extremely daunting exercise! The main points to look for are a good, well known brand with a good warranty behind it, the wetsuit itself should be a good firm, tight fit but with ample flexibility around the back and shoulders. Buoyancy in these suits is supreme and it really helps to get you higher and more streamlined in the water and will take minutes off your swim times!
Your ordinary surf wetsuits lack all of these and tend to retain water so are ineffective and uncomfortable for open water swimming. Remember a swimming wetsuit will give 5% in the water and will only ever stretch and conform to your body shape, so they might feel strange and tight out of water but the minute you get in they are extremely comfortable.
Never be afraid to ask questions, renting a suit is often a good way to ensure you have the right size and fit.  

Purchase Options:
  • Use the size chart to carefully select your size.  Delivery is included in the purchase price.

  • You can return a purchase, providing it is in original condition with packaging and swap for another size if needed. (courier charges may apply)

  • You can purchase while you register for the event online, or use the contact form below to request a purchase.

  • Our bank account details for purchases is:
                 Splash & Dash


  • Please include your NAME and the ITEM you are ordering in the deposit details/reference.

Hire Options: 

Please note all hire costs are deductible from the purchase price if you choose to subsequently purchase any suit. 

We have some specially tailored deals for participants in the Kapiti Women's Triathlon which you see when you enter the Kapiti Women's Triathlon online.

The deals are as follows, and of course are deductible from the price of any suit you may subsequently purchase, plus you get a free entry to the event!

$75 - From swim practice 1 - Tuesday 5th Feb until event day 24th Feb
$55 - From swim practice 2 - Tuesday 12th Feb until event day 24th Feb
$20- 1 day hire for any swim practice or event day



We will be are offering a wetsuit fitting service in January / February 2019 at The Kapiti Women's Centre, 7 Ngahina Street, Paraparaumu. 

Dates and times TBC

Booking essential for all session. To book a time slot please email us here

There will also be a staffed wetsuit stand at each of our open water swim practices in February

If those don't suit we are happy to chat and see if we can work out a time frame that suits you.

Hire (A:1 model) suit sizes are available in Small / Medium / Large - If you are larger we do have a men's range that is interchangeable, so don't be discouraged.  Just contact us and we will sort you out.

KAPITI WOMEN'S TRIATHLON  |  021 775432 | enquiry@kwt.org.nz

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