Swim buoyant - hire a wetsuit

Make a difference to your Swim.

Wearing a specific swim wetsuit can make even a short swim a better experience.

  • Give you extra buoyancy (as your body is higher in the water, better displacement and less friction)
  • Add a layer of warmth (so you feel more comfortable in cooler conditions)
  • Swim wetsuits have a smooth outside surface to help you glide through the water (as opposed to surfing or diving suits which will keep you warm but the outside surface will slow you down)

All our wetsuits are 2XU specific swim wetsuits designed for Ocean swimming and Triathlon.  Suit sizing is based on a height and weight combination, and we'll sort out what will be best for you.

Limited numbers available.

Keen to swim in a wetsuit but don't own one? We have a limited amount of professional wetsuits for hire.

Hire from swim practice 1 | 4th Feb, until event day - $75
Hire from swim practice 2 | 11th Feb, until event day - $55