No Knickers! But definitely look after your girls!

Getting started in triathlon is full of adventure.  There are a few things that will help that journey be comfortable along the way.

No Knickers!

If you’re new to cycling, you might not know yet: you’re not supposed to wear underwear with padded bike shorts. Yes, I know that might seem weird, but trust us. Cycling shorts are designed to be worn without anything underneath and if you do wear underwear, you’re gonna end up with extra bulk, chafing, and even saddle sores.

What’s a Chamois?

A chamois is the pad inside your bike shorts.  It provides cushioning and helps prevent chafing and sore bits.

We recommend choosing a women’s-specific short rather than a men’s short because the chamois will be better designed for a woman’s anatomy.  A women’s chamois is wider at the rear (because our sit bones are wider) and provides more soft tissue support.

And on race day - look for cycle shorts with minimal or no chamois (after all you don't want to be running and riding with that wet nappy feeling).  There are a great range of tri shorts out there...or wear your togs or some comfy run shorts/leggings.

Look after your girls!

So you don't need knickers but a great sports bra is a must!  All that bounce and movement can damage your soft tissue - so choose a great sports bra (like the ones from our supporter Sports Support with their Enell range).

All good sports bras should fit well - and don't worry - they are all good to swim in, under your togs or tank top, and then just keep going on your ride and run. (No need to change along the way)

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