Getting on your bike!

Getting out on your bike is one of the greatest freedoms around!  With a few tips you'll be freewheeling around the coast before you know it.

Top tips:

  • Find some mates.  The team at Kapiti Coast Cycling are always happy to welcome new riders - and there is no such thing as a dumb questions amongst friends.
  • Get your bike serviced - make friends with your mechanic - and the team at Biking Mad are always happy to answer those weird questions.  
  • Make sure your bike fits.  Ensure the seat height and handlebars are adjusted to fit you - these simple things will make all the difference in the world (the team at Biking Mad will be happy to help)
  • Clean your bike - and most importantly keep your chain clean and lubed!  We wipe down our chain after each ride - getting rid of the grit that builds up (and wears things out), a quick squirt of good chain lube and your ready to roll again. If its been wet or after every few rides, then use a special chain cleaner, following the instructions and make sure the chain is dry - and lube well before heading out again. (Also pays to check your brake pads regularly)
  • Be predictable on the road.  Signal where you're going, and make sure to let your ride mates know if you see a hazard or are going to swing away from your ride line...
  • Cadence is your friend - spinning (that is moving your legs around and around more quickly) will be much easier on your muscles, less risk of injury and your legs will thank you for it when you head out onto the run!
  • Ride somewhere new... download the Kāpti Coast Cycle Map for some of the great places to ride.

Check out the videos below for a few more tips we think are worth watching.