Packing and Pre Race Prep

Race Day Prep!

The day is nearly here... here's a few tips so you can get to the start line organised and low stress.

A few days before

  • Check your bike is good to go.  Any last minute issues phone the team at Biking Mad (don't leave it to the last minute so they can help)
  • Lay out all the gear you need and check everything is how you want it (check your shoes too).  Our downloadable packing list is a great help in triple checking everything off.
  • Organise any food you will need for race day.

Night Before

  • Re check your checklist and pack all your gear in a bag
  • Prep your breakfast and any snacks
  • Check you know exactly where you are going in the morning
  • Pick up your registration pack (if you have time) and check over the course so you are confident you know where to go on the day.
  • Get an early night!

Race Morning

  • Eat breakfast - allowing it to settle well.  Make sure you hydrate well.  Fill your drink bottles for the race.
  • Get to the race early and set up your transition spot.  Make a note of any landmarks so you can easily locate your bike, do the same for navigation on the swim.
  • Organise your gear in the order you will use it - including putting drink bottles on your bike.  Run through any transitions in your head.
  • Make a note of transition closing time and also your briefing race start time so you get there early and relaxed.
  • Put on your wetsuit and hop in the water for a bit of a warm up (for the relevant swim events) or go for a light jog for bike, run events.

Remember, this is what you have trained for, believe in your training (no matter how much you have done), do your best and most of all - HAVE FUN!