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Getting on your bike!

Getting out on your bike is one of the greatest freedoms around!  With a few tips you'll be freewheeling around the coast before you know it. Top tips: Find some mates.  The team at Kapiti Coast Cycling are always happy to welcome new riders - and there is no such thing as a dumb questions amongst friends.Get your bike serviced - make friends with your mechanic - and the team at Biking Mad are always happy to answer those weird questions.  Make sure your bike fits.  Ensu...

January 4, 2021

Walk, Run - Walk to your goals

Not a runner?  Can’t get your head, heart and legs around a 5km non stop run? No need!  Just take it one step at a time and move forward There is a plethora of research that demonstrates getting started (and keeping going) with a mix of walking, run walking and running is just the ticket to completing triathlon – keeping you motivated and getting you fitter! In fact –many athletes – elite or otherwise have walked in their run a full Iron Distance race – and have still won. Ke...

January 4, 2021

No Knickers! But definitely look after your girls!

Getting started in triathlon is full of adventure.  There are a few things that will help that journey be comfortable along the way....

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